Taj vs. Flobody

Normally when posting a new blog entry I sign my name , but , you’ll realize its not always the same. I have 2 alias that I use in addition to my real name which is Nataja {na-ta-ja} . One is a variation of my name , Taj. This is what most of my closest friends & family call me and the name I prefer to be called. The other is Flobody which is my poetic stage name. The signed name is dependent upon the piece and the emotions that it invokes. Here’s a breakdown:

Taj- Close to my heart. Most likely a secret or a emotional confession/discussion. Or could be a post directly from me addressing you .

Flobody- Majority of Voetry post . Poems & Song lyrics. Performance and written pieces.

Tell me who you like better ! 🙂


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