Who Is She?

Who is Nataja Zanelle?

At my core,  I am a lover of God, love, family & poetry. I am an incurable romantic, a die-hard mommy’s girl and a overwhelmingly creative soul. In addition to all of that , I love to operate in many creative compacities and stretch myself as thin as possible. I joke that procrasination is my playground! Here’s a bit about what I do professionally :

  • CEO of fashion brand Diamond Lush
  • YouTube Content Creator of “Single In The City” Vlog Series about being a 21st century virgin, waiting for marriage.
  • Spoken Word Artist
  • Blogger for “Confessions of a Floacist”
  • Soon to be author -“Love Letters” coming 7-25-16

Really I am a 20’s something artist & creator who loves God and prefers warm words to warm embraces. I have issues. I know. Follow my journey!

As always, thanks for listening ❤