to be hopeless & romantic . . .

“They say I’m hopeless, as a penny with a hole in it.”- Dionne Farris. “Hopeless”

It has been noted that , patience is a virtue. Let us dig a bit deeper into that. Patience is defined as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay , trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.”  Where as, virtue is defined as “behavior showing high moral standards.” As I carefully read and comprehend these two definitions I am left with the unsettling discovery that I have neither. At least as it refers to love.  I must ask myself, was there always this lack? Possibly.  It seems, when it comes to love I am but two things, insufferably hopeless and overwhelmingly romantic. It is a blessing that, more times than not, feels like a curse. I sometimes fear sharing my ideas with my friends when it comes to love because it would appear that I am alone in my belief that real love exists. And I get it. From the inside looking out , love seems scary.  In a world where settling seems to be the norm , those of us who crave more tend to be ostracized; our views analyzed and belittled. My ideas on love have always been seen as fairytale notions and fallacies. But I , don’t agree. I think over the years, for some, love has become a watered down synonym for complacency. We’ve grown accustomed to being second, abused , used and we call it love. Where did we go wrong? How can I make it right ? So I write. And in doing so , I hope to ignite the flame within you that burns for something more .  That you may learn that love is never less , it is always more. I pray that you rediscover what it means to be passionate about love. And passionate people are rarely patient. We want what we want , when we want it. At times my urgency is misconstrued as desperation. But don’t be mislead. I just want love. I want real . And there ain’t a damn person on this earth that can convince me that it doesn’t exist. Your reality is not mine, and mine not yours. But I want for you , what you are too afraid to want for yourself. The kind of love that’s over the top , made for movies, “couldn’t be real it’s just too dramatic”. May you one day know the joys of being a hopeless romantic.

As always , thanks for listening<3

-A Hopeless Romantic

( Taj)


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