to be brown & beautiful . . .

“They say the  blacker the berry , the sweeter the juice. I say the darker the flesh, than the deeper the roots.”- Tupac 1993

In America.

To all my beautiful melaninated, majestic and magical sisters, this is for you.

For every time you were called pretty “to be” (darkskin)

Or all the nights you spent frying your curls to get your hair bone-straight because your boyfriend thought you look “better like that.”

For the women who know that most black men only love our complexion on their Instagram or Tumblr screen; fetishized instead of appreciated.

For every time a guy told you he doesn’t normally “do” women your complexion, but you were different, as if it were a compliment.

For the hurt in knowing that your complexion is only accepted if it’s “foreign.”

For the darkskin girl with lightskin sisters; constantly in unwarranted competition.

For the times you were afraid to play hide and seek at night because you’re friends would complain that they ” couldn’t see you.”

I see you.

I know what it’s like to be brown and beautiful and most days not even know it.

May we begin to love who we are, just the way we are

And raise women who don’t have to learn to love the melanin in their skin

And men who know and respect that it comes in many different shades.

to be brown & beautiful . . . bittersweet.


As always , thanks for listening,

-Taj ❤



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