My LA Story: 1 Month Update

Today marks my 1st entire month in LA and I spent the beginning of it sleep in an airport chair. Fun, right ? As I type I am currently waiting in Gate 69B for my 7:10am flight that almost didn’t happen: but God. I have a spoken word show this Saturday that I am Uber excited for and due to human error I almost wouldn’t have made it .For whatever reason I was under the impression that my plane was leaving 1220 am on Friday not on Thursday and I was sitting in BWW stuffing my face as my plane flew off into the sunset. Talk about stressed ! I had to rush home throw some clothes in a bag, I’m sure I left something , and have my best friend rush me to the airport. Nothing but faith kept me from having a nervous melt down because coincidentally my tickets were non-transferable and not able to be exchanged ; my only option to pray I could fly standby . And pray I did , hard. And God definitely came through in the clutch ( Thank you Ms. Donna) and I was able to score seats on the first flight out in the morning ; this is my second time “sleeping” at LAX. Nonetheless I am flying out , a day early, and will be able to make my show! 

Today pretty much sums up my experience here in Los Angeles ; completely walked by faith . Within my first month here I was blessed to be hired on the spot by three different home care jobs and have been working at one of them for the last three weeks. I knew that coming here meant that I would still need to work as a CNA until I could become completely self-employed , but I didn’t want that to effect the real reason I moved , my creative pursuits. It has been so refreshing to be able to set my own schedule so that I can make money while still building my brand without feeling overworked and underpaid. Now this is not to say that there hasn’t been any bumps and roadblocks, I have no vehicle and no place to call my own yet, but I have chosen to find the silver lining and give of positivity instead of pessimism. There’s something so beautiful about being so grateful for what you do have that you forget to focus on what you don’t. God has blessed me to be in connection with two beautiful #GirlBosses that have helped me in more ways than I can count and I will forever be thankful for them ( Loren & T’Asia❤️.) I knew that this move wouldn’t be easy , but I’m prepared for the challenge.I promised myself that I would give LA atleast a  year and then decide if it’s really where I want to call home, and so far I’m sticking to it . 1 month down. 11 to go. 

As always , thanks for listening ❤️



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