I watched a video last night of Steve Harvey talking to his “Family Feud” audience ; well after the cameras had stopped rolling. His message was about “jumping” , going after that dream, that goal  & that passion you have. And it resonated so much with me because quitting my job and moving across the country was one of the biggest jumps that I have taken. While his main intention was to encourage, and he did, it also shed some light on the not so good parts of “jumping.” He so beautifully illustrated going after a dream and likened it to jumping off a cliff or out of a plane. And he said something that has never been truer today than ever before, that your parachute won’t always open at first. He said you’ll have to go through skinned knees and get beat up a little before you get there.

I found out today that my mom is going into surgery tomorrow morning.

2,000 some miles away and my favorite person in the world is about to go under the knife and I won’t be there when she opens her eyes. All because I’m chasing a dream. If that ain’t a closed parachute I don’t know what is. I don’t know how many times I can almost lose my mom until I break. That’s my heart, and this little girl has no desire to live in a world without her mom.

Really going to need that parachute to open sometime soon.


As always, thanks for listening ❤



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