HELLO LA! (Literally from the other side)

So I did it.

Did what, you ask?

I  (in no particular order) brought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, quit my job & actually boarded the plane to a place where I know not a single soul.

Crazy. Ballsy. Courageous. Stupid. Did I say crazy? Insane.

Did I just describe a dreamer? I think so.

I am currently typing this post from an AirBNB home where I will be staying until I can find a more permanent living situation and hopefully a J O B! Yes, I moved out here without either.

Did I say crazy?

I DO NOT recommend you do any of the above, but I will say , I didn’t die . Haha. I am simply taking risks & trying to live life the best I know how. I am stepping out on faith and praying that I don’t sink. My favorite quote in this season of my growth is

What If I Fall?

Because its so true. While there is a real possibility that you might fail, there is also an equally real possibility that you will succeed. I for one, am so inspired but the latter that the former isn’t a factor in my decisions.

I am not sure how long this journey will last, but I am going to do everything in my power to give it my best shot. After all, what’s the alternative?

I pray that my life inspires, motivates & encourages someone to dream, again. It’s never too late to do what you love!

Follow my journey on my YouTube channel : Nataja Zanelle

Quote of the Day:

“Do what you love & the money will come”

As always, thanks for listening ❤



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