Happy New Year! (A Day Late & Well, you know the rest.)

Hey you beautiful people!

As we stand in the second day of the new year I would like to wish you all the love and peace that you can handle and a year filled with happiness and good vibes. I brought the new year in with some of my favorite people and I can only hope that you all did the same! I think what I am looking forward to the most this year is this big leap of faith I am taking , moving to LA. Let me tell ya’ll , I am nervous! But I have faith in my decision. While I’m not one to create new resolutions each year, I would like to share with you all my top 10 goals for 2016. May they inspire, motivate & entertain!

1. Grow my YouTube Channel. Hit 100 subscribers. 100+ views/video

(YouTube: Nataja Zanelle)

2. Lose 50+ lbs. Maintain healthy eating habits and exercise plan

3. Inspire. Love Harder.

4. Grow Diamond Lush. 10  loyal customers. 1,000/month sales

5. Choose happiness everyday.

6. Begin courting. (All in God’s hands, just throwing into the universe)

7. Live in LA for a year.

8. Rebuild my credit/Establish good money mananging skills

9. Become full-time self employed.

10. Have my own place by 2017/Purchase my first car (JEEP <3)

What are you all hoping for 2016 to bring? Anything that you are all looking forward to? Well, I will be the first to stand in agreement with you for the desires of your heart! May you love harder, take risks and be HAPPY! You deserve it! Here’s to another year of “Just Talk, Ill Listen.”

As always, thanks for listening ❤




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