Guess Who’s On YouTube?!

Did you say me ?

Well you are right! And I am so stoked! I have been wanting to be on YouTube for forever and yesterday I finally decided to get up off my butt and make it happen. I know don’t know why I’ve been putting it off and making excuses for why I hadn’t started it yet; I’m sure fear played a big part. But with this move coming up and me about to quit my job I’ve decided that now was as best time as any. These days I am truly taking this quote I read to heart and ” responding to any call that excites my spirit !”little_dash_of_fuss

Over are the days where I allow myself to fall into the monotony of daily routines and squander my passion and desire to create when inspiration hits. So more about this YouTube channel! I decided I wanted to do something different than what I am use to viewing on YouTube ( makeup  hair, fashion ) and what’s more unique than my story?! A 24 year old virgin abstaining until marriage in the 21st century trying to date?! I sure haven’t heard that anywhere else! And so the birth of “Single In The City”: A Guide to Dating for Virgins. I’ll be vlogging about my experiences dating and trying to find love in this new age of “microwave relationships.” I will also be sharing stories and advice ( for my fellow v-card holders) and some poetry that I have written on this journey. I pray you all join me for this ride! I will still be maintaining both of my blogs so there’s no worry there  🙂 I am so excited to start this channel and start sharing my story! Just Talk, Ill Listen was started out of the need to talk out my problems and feel like someone was listening and for me to do the same in return. Well my YouTube channel is going to do the same thing except I’ll be diving  further into the personal side of my life in hopes that my experiences and my lessons can help someone else. If I can make at least one person feel like they aren’t the only one, then I am happy.

Check me out 🙂

As always, thanks for listening<3



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