30 Day Challenge: Day 29&30

I am determined to finish out this challenge, so bear with me ha-ha. Thank you so much for listening to me these last 30 days! I hope that I can keep up this new found consistency, albeit varying, so that I can really get back to blogging like I would like to !

Day 29: The night of your 21st birthday 

Ehh, apparently I got fairly drunk and laid out on the sidewalk and talked gibberish ha-ha. I have to confess that before I turned 21 I was the girl who never liked alcohol; wasn’t much of a partier. I remember going to the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner and my friends surprising me with beautiful decorations and my best friend at the time brought me my favorite cake to date.birthday cake

Then I went back to my childhood home and drank the night away with childhood friends. It was simple, but I loved it.

Day 30: One thing you’re excited for

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it much on this blog, but I have dreams of the big city. LA to be exact. I’ve been planning this move since around this time last year and I am praying that everything works out so that I can finally go. Safe to say I’m hecka excited (and nervous) about that! I feel like I need a fresh start in a new place where there is no deficit of inspiration. We will see how everything pans out.Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please!

As always, thanks for listening ❤



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