30 Day Challenege : Day 27 & 28 

Day 27: Photo of what you wore today 

So I’ve not said much about my weight loss journey because I always seem to jinx myself . It’s like I keep yo-yo’n the same 20lbs. I lose it , but can’t keep it off . But this time around I’ve finally went ahead and started Herbalife and joined a gym full time. I’m also really big into meal prepping now and that has helped tremendously . I’ve lost 22lbs since Septemeber and I am so excited to see if I can stay consistent with this lifestyle . I say all this to say , my picture from yesterday is pretty awesome and I’m happy to share it . Can’t wait to update you guys in a few months with a new picture.  
Day 28:The word/phrase you use constantly 

1. Fleeky – it’s a compliment and synonym for cute , pretty, sexy , awesome etc . I started saying it in Feburary during NYFW and it hasn’t since left my vocabulary. 

2. Lies & Deciet- Used when I just simply don’t believe what you’re saying to be true.

3. You Tried It- Also used when I don’t believe what you are sayin or why you said it/ did something . 

There’s one more that I always say but my memory is fogging on me. If I remember I will go back in and update this post. 

As always, thanks for listening



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