30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Free-write 

Today I’ve decided to ditch the scheduled writing post ( it sucked, trust me) and do a free-write. Thank God for creative license ! Ha!

I’ve always had the dream to publish my own book by the age of 21. I’m 24. So clearly something went wrong . Or did it? I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason ; even when you don’t understand what that is. I’m not sure whether I got busy or afraid that no one would read it but somewhere along the line I stopped dreaming that dream. But here I am years later ready to pick it back up. I feel like at 24 I have much more to say than what I would have back then. I feel like I’m really ready now ! I already have three book ideas and I am so excited to try and bring them to life. Until I’ve really decided on the titles and cover art that part shall have to be a secret , but I promise to impress ! I have an idea to do one poetry book and the other based on my struggles as 21st century virgin. I won’t give a deadline just yet , for fear of rushing it, but I do foresee it being rather soon! I pray that you all support me in this journey 🙂 

As always , thanks for listening ❤



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