30 Day Challenege: Day 20

Day 20: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs it plays and what your initial thought is. 

Being a lover of music this post got me excited . Just a disclaimer : my music ranges from Tupac to Blake Shelton and everything in between so don’t be surprised haha

Song #1: Explosions by Ellie Goulding

My thoughts: Reminds me of the death of my friendship with someone I considered my best friend almost two years ago. Anytime I need a good cry, I just put this song on and let the memories flood.

Song #2: Sumthin, Sumthin by Maxwell 

My Thoughts: Brings nostalgia of summertime and being in love ( or thinking I was) and also one of my favorite movies , “Love Jones.”
Song #3: Let It Flow by Toni Braxton

My Thoughts: It’s a reminder that I need to let go of all the baggage that is weighing my down . . . And just let it flow. 

Music is so therapeutic for me and having a music library as vast as mine I don’t always remember the goodies I have in it. I need to put my phone on shuffle more often.

As always, thanks for listening ❤



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