30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Five fears that you have 

Oh boy , do we have to go there ? 

1. Losing my mother. Total mommy’s girl & I just can’t see a world without her. You only get one.

2. This is a 3-n-1 because they are all dependent on each other in someway .

  • Never finding someone who will wait for me = never being a wife. 
  • Not being able to conceive = never being a mother. 
  • Which all equals the fear of dying alone.

3. My children growing up like I did with no grandparents ( Loss of both parents)

4. Repeating the blended family cycle I grew up in. Complete opposite of the Brady Brunch. 

5.Becoming my stepmother. Cold , stoic and devoid of empathy. 
As always , thanks for listening ❤



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