He’s Just NOT that into you . You know, like the movie? 

How sad that one of my favorite movies of the same title was not enough of a cautionary tale . Am I simply that much of a masochist that I continue to seek out the “nice guys” who were “just being nice.” I’m having a total Jennifer Lopez x Matthew McConaughey moment .

Oh & don’t forget uninterested ! I keep thinking this time will be different . This time he’ll put forth more effort. This time he’ll actually like me ! But all I get is a whole lot of the same.

Is he not texting first because he doesn’t like me?

If he wanted to get to know more about me , he’d ask ? So if he doesn’t . . . Does he not want to know?

Is he just shy or not a fan of texting?

Maybe I’m being over dramatic . Maybe he’ll text me and I’ll start to swoon like I always do and forget I was ever mad. But is it real? I can’t keep falling for potential . I mean is it so hard for a guy to be brutally honest about his intentions , whether good or bad. I just don’t want to be out here waiting by the phone for a call that will never come.

When did I become this girl?

Maybe I’m in secure. Maybe I’m overthinking.  But what if ,maybe I’m right? What then ? I don’t want to be the girl who holds on to threads even when she’s coming apart at the seams just to have someone . So until I see otherwise , I will self-sabotage like I always do and convince myself


As always, thanks for listening ❤




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