The Proposition 

This story starts with a dead IPhone and one very blindsided girl.

So I walk into the Dollar General , sort of in a rush , but what’s new. The mission was to grab a car charger and head to the library to work on some event stuff. I walk in and conveniently placed next to the check out line are the very much over priced iPhone chargers; complaining was too time consuming at this point. Lucky for me there were literally 10 other patrons in front of me waiting to be checked out and I could tell the line was going no where fast. Directly in front of me was a Spanish gentleman that had caught my eye when I first entered the store. He was cute, but I left it at that. Imagine my surprise when he turns around to speak to me. Like, seriously, is this happening right now ? This never happens , but I’ll bite. He introduces himself as Mark, his PepBoys name tag gave it away way before he did and went ahead with asking me if my vehicle needed service. I figured it was a PepBoy pitch, but he went on to tell me about his separate car business. Due to the lease that I have on my vehicle I am not allowed to receive service from anyone but their service center and I let him know this. However, that in no way deterred his sales pitch. So he asked if I knew of anyone who might need work done & I honestly didn’t, but to save him face I suggested to take his card for a friend. He of course didn’t have any on him due to him not being allowed to solicit his own business while on the clock ; I think its safe to say he fully takes advantages of his breaks. He asked if he could just put his info in my phone , and without thinking I handed him my dead IPhone. He notices my mistake and I raise the charger in my hand as a silent apology for misleading him. His “You’re killing me,” and a devilish smile gave me vibes that ran deeper than just your average salesman looking for new customers. But I ignored my gut feeling and convinced myself he was just being cordial. By this time it was almost his turn in line , thankfully I was next . In keeping with his persistence to contact me , he opted to not get the Mountain Dew he had been holding for the entirety of our conversation and instead go take his break so he could bring me his contact info. At this point I’m questioning his intentions , but again I chalked it up to my over active imagination . I have a history of falling for nice guys who were just being nice . So I get to the cashier , he makes a corny joke to ease the annoyance of having to stand in line for 10 minutes and I almost laugh, take my bag and head for the door. I completely did not expect to see Mark standing outside waiting for me, sticky note in hand. So I go to take the note , but he kind of follows me to the driver side of my car, asking questions stalling time . At this point I’m just worried about getting my phone turned on because it has been far too long without it; judge me not. So I open my driver side door and then he asks if he could sit in my car and wait until my phone turns on. I took it as he didn’t trust that I would actually save his number which he so neatly penned on the infamous orange sticky note. I agreed . Why I agreed ? Hell if know. So we both get in my car and I go to put my phone on the charger. The conversation is still geared toward his car business so no red flags went up , well … Not until he started asking me about my relationship status and then I knew. I just knew it! I knew I wasn’t just reading between undrawn lines. But if I was right , that means he was interested … but why? But I let him keep talking because now my curiosity was piqued. So we went through the motions of all our relationship woes ( or my lack thereof ) and finally we hit the big confession. It always gets to this point and I’m always just as nervous as the first time . I finally had to let him know that I was virgin so that all the questions would stop and so that my lack of experience could start to make more sense. He , like the list of men before him, couldn’t grasp the reality of a virgin in the 21st century and had to scrutinize every detail of my virginal life. But here comes the kicker ! In response to my never having saw an adult males genitals he thought it would be a good idea to offer to show me his. How generous!! Like, sir, why did you think that would be okay ? I’m surprised that I didn’t kick him out my car right then and there. But it was actually the most interesting that had happened to me in a while and well , I liked the temptation. But I went with my gut and denied his offer . Of course. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to and I couldn’t understand why he didn’t understand why I didn’t want to. So we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. Me laughing and he with an assumably bruised ego, soothed by the text I sent just 5 minutes after leaving his presence. I know I shouldn’t have, but I wanted to. His proposition was that we “just play around.” I couldn’t do that, could I ? Could I really be that girl?
Needless to say , I haven’t deleted his number yet. So . . .

This story ends with a half-dead IPhone and a very confused , but very curious girl.

As always , thanks for listening:)



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