30 Day Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never done

  • Not original writing post. They wanted me to bullet my entire day *yawns* I wouldn’t dare bore y’all like that.


In all of my 24 years on this earth I have never been on a legit date. Heck, not even a play-date ( that I can remember.)I’ve been asked out ( maybe twice?) and it just never happened. And of course I’ve had tons of requests to “chill”, but no. Not going to happen. I’ve never been the kind of woman to send mixed signals, and there’s a certain connotation associated with “just chilling” and I don’t want no parts of it. Maybe I’m too picky. Maybe I have my head in the clouds , just wishing. But I’m a hopeless romantic, so can you really blame me? Maybe I was born in the wrong era. Definitely born in the wrong era. I would love for a man to pick the place , like really think it out, and set it up. I would say pick me up, but do men even do that anymore ? Is that even still a thing? I mean it is the 21st century. I don’t think chivalry is dead , I just think its hiding out and with good reason. I like for the man to  take the initiative , be the aggressor,  and in a world where women are gung-ho on being “independent , don’t need a man” I think a lot of guys have gotten away from that. Maybe I’m wrong. I just want my first date to be something memorable. Call me traditional ( and you’d be right), but I just won’t settle for any kind of company. I don’t date without purpose, so I need to see something. Potential. A spark. Heck I’ll even take a glimmer at this point haha. First dates are awkward and silly and most people don’t even think twice about them. And I guess that’s where I’m different.That’s either a bad thing or a good one. I’ll leave that up to him to decide. Who ever he might be. Maybe this year will be different , I mean there’s still time , right?Or is that my wishful thinking again? Maybe.

As always, thanks for listening 🙂



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