30 Day Challenge : Day Eight

Day Eight: A book you love and one you didn’t


The Fault In Our Stars by: John Green

If you’ve had the pleasure of reading this rollercoaster of bittersweet-ness than you understand me when I say , there’s just no way you can hate this book. Maybe the author at times , but Hazel Grace and Augustus, as fictionary as they are, will always be a special love story to me. I won’t give out any spoiler alerts for those who haven’t read it, because trust me, it’s something you want to experience yourself. And once you finish it, be sure to watch the equally amazing film! While its target audience might be teens , old and young, there is something for us all. Trust me. Here are some of my favorite quotes . . .





A book I didn’t like would have to be Maya Banks’ The Fever. During my short-lived days of my book club (thinking about bringing it back) we read this second installment in the Breathless Trilogy and I couldn’t even finish it. I loved her first book Rush , but the second one just didn’t do anything for me. I think I’m going to just suffer through the second book so I can finish all three. We will see. Maybe this time around I’ll like it better!

As always , thanks for listening!



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