30 Day Challenge : Day Six

Day Six: Someone who fascinates you and why?

verb: fascinate; 3rd person present: fascinates; past tense: fascinated; past participle: fascinated; gerund or present participle: fascinating
draw irresistibly the attention and interest of (someone).
I had to take a moment and refresh my memory on the definition of fascination. And even then this question stumps me. It challenges me to really pull from deep inside of myself , and I like that. I don’t know that I could pinpoint a certain person who fascinates me , but more , a group of people. People who have the courage and the drive to be who they are , and unapologetically so, fascinate me. Writers who bring stories to life both on paper and through performance, fascinate me. Men and women who aren’t afraid to love even after they have been hurt, fascinate me. Human beings who , even through the pain of this world, can still smile and choose to be happy, fascinate me. Why? Because its raw, its real and its not the norm. In a world where imagination , love, drive & simple happiness seems redundant and non-existent , these people give me hope. Hope to be myself even if the world doesn’t accept me. To  share my story , both on paper and through spoken word. To love , and love some more. And to choose to be happy. Each and everyday that I have breath , to choose to be happy. That’s powerful to me. So to the quirky, nerdy, writers, lovers , dreamers and happy creatures, THANK YOU. You fascinate me, but more than that , you inspire me!
As always, thanks for listening:)

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