We the Overthinkers

Someone gets it ! Major over thinker !

Dating and College


You finally got the guy you’ve been waiting for to come back into your life. You’ve just spent the entire weekend together and it feels like your “relationship” (or whatever this is) is finally recharged and back to where it’s supposed to be.

Then Monday comes…And still you haven’t heard from him.

Now for a smart, rational girl this shouldn’t be that big of a deal. He’s probably just busy, I mean he does work two jobs after all! But no, I’m one of those other girls….the overthinkers.

Why is it that once everything is finally where it should be, we the overthinkers, have to ruin it. It’s like we look for reasons or excuses why it won’t work. Why it shouldn’t work.

“He’s probably still in love with his ex…”

“What if I’m just a rebound…”

“He hasn’t texted me all day, this is it, it’s over.”

These thoughts…

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