30 Day Challenge: Day Four

Day Four: Ten interesting facts about yourself

Well for any of you who have followed my blog since the beginning most of these facts won’t come as a surprise to you. But for the sake of following the challenge I will do my best to come up with ten really good ones! Not sure that will be too easy seeing as though I am a very uninteresting being , haha, I’ll give it my best shot!

10. I am a Christian . My love for God surpasses my love for anything & anyone. I don’t always agree or understand the teachings of the religion; I’m not what I would define as super religious. I have a relationship with God that can’t be explained or contained to man-made religions.

9. My friends like to say that there isn’t anything I can’t do. I am a total right side of the brain person so anything remotely creative is what I dibble and dabble in. Creativity is very much my best friend. But don’t ask me to solve a math problem. Or explain to you the difference atoms and molecules ( unless you want me to Google it, Google is my 2nd best friend)

8. I have only kissed one person , twice, once with tongue. That’s it.  Welcome to my awesome love life.

7. I started a fashion brand, Diamond Lush, that was showcased during NYFW this year in February. Truly an experience I will never forget.

6. I am the perfect mash of introvert and extrovert. I am the shyest most outgoing person you will ever meet. I am a walking oxymoron.

5. I was born and raised on the east coast ( Any PA folk out there ?!) but my heart has always had some strange connection to the west coast. I don’t know why & I can’t explain it , its just this feeling you know? It’s always felt like home. SN: In the classic argument of Biggie or Pac, I have and always will be, PAC. Until the day I die.

4. My biggest fear is losing my mother. I almost lost her to cancer a few years ago, but God chose to heal her and I couldn’t be more happy about that. I just have this horrible feeling that the cycle will repeat with me losing my mother at a young age like she did with her mother. I have no living grandparents and I haven’t since a very young age and I just don’t want that for my (future) kids.

3. Speaking of fears, I have this very irrational fear that I am infertile. I can’t exactly tell you why I feel this way and there’s no family history to support this fear , but I am a worry wart sometimes and this is just a perfect example of me being too darn paranoid.

2. I want 5 children, preferably all girls , a set or two of twins would be a dream come true. I look at the Braxton family , the Kardashian/Jenner Clan and I can’t help but to want that . I’ve always been in love with the bond shared between sisters and I would love to birth that bond personally. I guess we will see.

  1. I am a 24 year old virgin in the 21st century waiting for marriage to have sex. Talk about traditional.

As always, thanks for listening !



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