30 Day Writing Challenge : Day Two

Day Two: Your earliest childhood memory

You know what’s sad? I hardly remember my childhood. I can remember small insignificant things , but nothing of much substance and its something that has always frustrated me. It’s almost as if I’ve suppressed the memories , but I can’t seem to understand why. I’ve always considered seeing someone about helping me to remember my childhood, but I’m afraid of what will come back; maybe I’m just paranoid. The earliest memory that I can remember, and not one that has been told to me, is when I was about maybe 5 or 6 years old. I loved dressing up in my moms clothes ( total mommy’s girl!) and I remember she had two pieces of clothing that I absolutely loved. There was this long hot pink gown , or at least it looked like one on me, and a black ruffled shirt that I can remember calling a “jiggly shirt.” Me and my mom laugh about that even today. For as long as I can remember , I’ve wanted to be like my mother and have always wanted to walk in her shoes, literally. My mother is my heart so its pretty befitting that my earliest memory would include her.

As always, thanks for listening!



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