30 Day Writing Challenge: Day One

So excited ! I’m finally going to try and bring some consistency back to my blogging . And this is my first step at it. Today through the end of the month I will be doing this 30 day challenge with another awesome blogger , Ms. BryAmariee . Here’s her blog link , please check her out! http://unequallymade.wordpress.com

I know you all have been waiting forever ! So without further ado ,

Day one : Five problems with social media

  1. People are able to be whoever they want to be , and instead of choosing to be the best version of themselves they use their social platforms to spread hate and lies. Not everyone , but the majority.
  2. It takes away from actual physical conversations and relationships and developing emotional connections.
  3. I can’t remember the last time I woke up and didn’t check my IG , Facebook & Twitter. And when I can’t it changes my mood. I wouldn’t call it an addiction but it’s close to it and I don’t like it.
  4. It takes time away from the important things in life
  5. It gives people a platform that otherwise shouldn’t have one . Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; doesn’t mean it needs to be shared.

This post opened my eyes a bit because it made me be honest with myself and really see how much social media is apart of my every day life. Thinking a social media cleanse might be necessary in the coming days!

As always , thanks for listening 🙂



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