Who Makes Your Clothes?

With NYFW 15 coming up I’m thinking of starting a Fashion Blog to sort of chronicle my journey and the process of getting ready for Diamond Lush’s showcase. This is such a huge opportunity and could be potentially be a turning point for the business; and who wouldn’t want to remember it! Already having two blogs , that I don’t update nearly as much as I would like , I don’t think that starting a completely new blog would be best. Instead I want to see if I can make it a sub-blog under Just Talk. Maybe give it it’s own page ? Idk , haven’t thought that far head , but I know that I definitely want to start it . I’ll also be posting clients who have gotten custom outfits from Lush and maybe some fashion inspiration and DIY’s. Once I actually set it up I’ll have a better feel for exactly what I want to do with it . Either way I hope that it is something that you all like and will support ! I’ve had such overwhelming support for Just Talk and Confessions of a Floacist and I am so thankful . You all make blogging worth it. Thanks for listening to me.


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