Just Talk

Hey all my fellow Justtalkers 🙂

Yeah. I said it, what ? Everyone else has cute blog followers names ha!

Well anyway, I’m sort of glad to be back even though I suck at updating regularly. Maybe one day I’ll get it. I have to admit I feel a bit guilty because I have been updating my ConfessionsofaFloacist  blog and totally neglecting this one , forgive me. I really don’t have anything happening in my life , but at the same time its so hectic, can anyone relate? I’ve been helping my best-friend with her soon to be bestseller and at the same time to juggling a fulltime job and a dream. Hasn’t been easy, but God blesses despite so I won’t dare complain. I’m uber excited for New York Fashion Week in February, but nervous at the same time. The designs have to be PERFECT. And knowing myself I am most likely going to wait until the last minute and give myself a near heart attack; damn these procrastinating genes. But I’m praying that it will be a successful showcase and that Diamond Lush will get the needed exposure to really have it take off. I’m excited!

I am also thinking about re-opening my book club, what you all think? I started reading more like I use to and I love it! I really want to get back to leisure reading. I am also going to start writing some short stories on Wattpad, if any of you have that app, look me up : WordsofaFloacist.

I’m all over the place today aren’t I ? Ha! It’s just been too long since the last time I’ve written. I’m going to really try to get it together. It feels good to blog, it’s refreshing, maybe I’ll have more exciting news next time. Until then, love conquerors all



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