Extra! Extra! Read all about it !

So last Saturday was the official photo-shoot for Diamond Lush’s “Designs By NatajaZanelle” and it went AWESOME! Now of course there was a few hiccups in the beginning , because things never go the way I planned them, but all in all I was very pleased. The models WERKed it and I am so excited for the official photos! But that’s not the news I came here to announce … nope there’s more!

You Ready?

Guess who got invited to showcase their designs next year in NYC DURING Fashion Week?

Yessssssssss you guessed it! We did ! All I can say is God is toooo good and I am so happy and humbled to have this opportunity. Stepping outside of my comfort zone (Poetry) and using my creativity in a different way was a little scary for me. I knew that it was what God put on my heart because it came out of absolutely no where , but no the less it has brought me such joy. Diamond Lush and Designs By NatajaZanelle will be taking their talents to NYC for Small Boutique Fashion Week and I am just over heads in love with where this is all going. My main focus is to keep God first and to remain humbled. We aren’t there yet, but we are getting there and I wouldn’t want to miss out on a blessing due to bigheadness.

I must give a big shout out to my team ! Cayla , my assistant and co-stylist, you are a breath of fresh air and you really helped me keep my cool and pull together a superb shoot; I thank you. To the models: Heaven , Toni & Carol you ladies WERked it and I was honored to have my designs grace your bodies. You did them sooo much justice. Thank you ladies. And last but not least my beautiful MUA, India, who BEAT my ladies faces to the GAWDS, you are fantasmic in all definitions of the word Thank you so  much. S/O to TeddMillerFilms for his awesome photography , I saw you working the ladies ! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I am just too excited for 2015! God is doing what he said he would and I couldn’t be more happier. More you, less me.  Ill keep you all updated as things progress 🙂 Here are some behind the scene shots!

Diamond Lush Seams

image image image image image image BTS Shots


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