Do you know what today is?

It’s my anniversayyyyyyyyy 🙂

Sooooo, I guess its been a year! Wow how time flies, sheesh. I started this blog to just get my feelings out and possibly heal and help someone else in the process. I didn’t always post as much as I wanted to, but I think that quality is way more important than quantity. I hope my words have reached someone and made a difference in the life of someone I may never meet. If that’s you, shoot me an email, a like , a share ; something to let me know you are out there and you hear me. Something to tell me it’s alright to keep going. Just Talk , Ill Listen is for the people who need listening ears and kind words. People who feel better knowing that they aren’t alone and that someone else has been where they’ve been or are where they are. Life is hard enough, why go through it alone if you don’t have to? Well thank you for a year of listening to me jabber about my life and give others advice on theirs! It’s been a fun ride and I am looking forward to more! I’m still here and I’m still listening , never forget that.




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