I’m Back !!!


I’m backkkkk and with GREAT news! Remember that company I started up this time last year, but kind of let slip ? Well we are back and better than ever ! New management ( Just me now!) and a new name : Diamond Lush Seams ! I’m finally able to do what I wanted to do from the beginning which is custom design everything I sell. I’m uber excited !!! We are starting off small with the LushSwim Collection but I have so much vision for the future and ideas for the Fall line. Like I always I have the unwavering support of my close friends and it’s gotten me to this point. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be designing for celebs! So sorry for that long hiatus , I promise to keep writing more frequently this time ! So can all you lovely people do me a favor and jet on over to the site and you know SHOP haha. Even if nothing suits your fancy share something with a friend , you never know , you might be the reason Beyonce invites me to make her tour costumes šŸ™‚

*Special discount code for following our Instagram page : Diamond Lush Seams or liking our Facebook page : Diamond Lush Boutique


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