Sleeping With A Hurting Heart

You ever had one of those “fetal position , in the bath tub while the shower is running , sobbing uncontrollably ” cries ? The kind that result in migraines the entire next day? The ones where for a split second you think about ending it all until you realize that you’re way too much of a coward to go through with it? Have you ever known what it’s like to be so broken that you almost forget you were ever whole? As I write this post I wish I didn’t know . I wish that for once
I could be the girl that walks around and smiles , the one everyone is afraid to lose. Instead of who I am, the girl who everyone decides to leave . And I’m sure one day it won’t hurt as much , but today’s not that day. So I’ll just cry myself to sleep at night until it is. And pretend like it doesn’t phase me during the day . I won’t ever make the mistake of trusting another with that much of my heart . Because soon enough it won’t be any left .
One day there won’t be any left
The moment I knew , was the moment you left .


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