Peyton , You were right . . .

people always

People always leave.

They take a piece of you

Leaving you broken

And they do it with such ease

Almost crushing your esteem

Because if you were ever that worthy of love

They wouldn’t have left

Leaving you with whats left of who you were

A fragment of who you use to be

And it’s your fault because you knew

You were just being naive


People always leave.



4 thoughts on “Peyton , You were right . . .

  1. I can feel the pain you must be feeling as you write this. But maybe that’s because I’m in this current boat to. Thank you for writing this, and I’m sorry for what you are going though.

    1. It’s hard & in my life very much reoccurring . It’s a different level of broken. And I’m sorry that you can relate because wouldn’t wish this hurt on my worst enemy. Thank you for listening .

      1. I can sadly relate to you and the reoccurrence piece. You are right about the different level of broken. It is overwhelmingly excruciating, at least for me. Hang in there. I can’t say that it will get better, because I’m not convinced of it myself, nor do I want to me dismissive. So I will just say that I am sorry, and that I hope it gets better.

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