You’re Far Too Kind :)

So as much as writing helps and heals me , the purpose of this blog has always been and will always be to speak for and to all you reading this blog. This blog is for you . I want you to see that you are not alone , that someone somewhere can relate to what you are going through. That being said I want to , from the bottom of my heart, thank all of you who have subscribed to and followed my blog. You don’t know how happy it makes me feel to know that I’m reaching so many people. I pray that something that I have said has or will touch and bless you . If there is a topic that you all would like to hear me touch on please let me know. And just as a reminder my “Talk to Me” section is always open 24/7 anytime for questions comments advice , just about anything you have on your heart. I’ve had several personal advice emails and I love receiving them and being able to be a blessing in some small way via my words. So please , don’t hesitate to email me. The blogs name is very in line with my mission statement ; you just talk and I’ll always be here to listen.


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