“What I Was Too Afraid To Say” ( Pt. 2 of “Let Me Explain)

Reading over “Let Me Explain” I felt like I wasn’t telling the whole truth, which is what I set out to do. It highlights my strengths but neglects to mention my weaknesses . So I went back and wrote this

I’m always hesitant (and I must admit scared as hell ) about telling a guy that I’m a virgin and that on top of that I plan to wait until marriage to have sex . I’m afraid that they’ll run away; they almost always do. Sometimes I contemplate not saying anything and seeing how long it lasts but I can never bring myself to do that . I’m not about leading people on and let’s face it , whether he decides to leave now or later I’ll still end up hurt so why not get it done and over with . It’s sad but that’s really how I see it. No use and getting to know and falling for someone who will only run in the opposite direction when he realizes he”ll never get past first base without a ring. (I’m not quite sure what first base is, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I meant to say haha)
I’m not a woman who believes that all guys are the same , just the ones I’ve met. The temptation to give in is strong enough without adding to it that’s it near impossible to find a man willing to date you without having sex with you. I’m a hopeless romantic in what seems to be a hopeless situation . But I have to have faith that my King will come someday. What other option do I have ?


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