The Laws of Communication 101

I have a zero tolerance policy for men, in this case using that term very loosely, who are incapable of holding a conversation not saturated in sexual innuendo. This is especially true for those whom I’ve only known for a short period of time. First impressions are detrimental to the future of any and all relationships I seek to build. And when confronted with such tasteless exchanges I can’t help but to think how sad it is that their intellectual capacity stretches no farther than the length of their manhood. And while I would love to base the blame solely on their shoulders, I can’t help but to acknowledge the dozen of women before me who ,more likely than not,did not have such standards. Call me prude, but I require a certain level of respect when conversing with the opposite sex, or anyone for that matter. Now that is not to say that I don’t have quite lucid thoughts geared solely toward sex, however I pride myself on having enough self-control to know that there is a time and a place. Which is a skill that many of the men, again I use that loosely, I have crossed paths with have yet to master. Let me be clear that this is not for those who are in committed relationships or arrangements of that sort; I simply speak for those who seek to build relationships or a lack thereof on empty conversation. In the same sense I have to respect, no, accept (his right) a man who is purely after sex and clearly communicates that from the beginning. That way their is no grey area, no room for mixed signals. My concerns begin with those who try to disguise their true intentions by attempting to get what they want through a facade of a friendship. Spare me. I would much rather be given the ugly truth so I am able to make my own judgment as to whether I will leave or stay; sorry to inform you boys but I’ll most likely choose the former. A man who doesn’t value my time and respect me enough to carry out a meaningful conversation, is someone I am all but willing to entertain. I assure you there is a lesser woman somewhere eager to exchange pointless words that will surely lead to nothing but hurt feelings and unnecessary soul ties. Which I for one, have little to no time for. The way I see it, if you don’t require it, you can’t expect it. Simply put, a man’s reasoning for disrespecting me will never be because I allowed it. Moral of the story: conversing about sex in any matter whether joking or not is highly not recommended when in the beginning stages of trying to form a new friendship or relationship, it’s distasteful and rude and shows little to no interest in the actual person you are suppose to be trying to get to know. Save the small talk for Susie. Because Taj, ain’t ( excuse me, is not) having it.


2 thoughts on “The Laws of Communication 101

  1. Jessica Cox

    I always admired your work! You are speaking the truth! I really hope all is well and that you continue to follow your dreams 🙂

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