The Family You Choose

So , since I last posted my family has had a pretty rough time with the shooting of my brother . Thank God he is still here and breathing and for that I am forever grateful. With that , I have realized just how important the family that I do have, is to me. Such a loss has never hit home so close and it was truly a wake up call . I love my brother with everything I have in me and losing him really would end me . If you get the chance hug your family just a little harder today . No one is promised tomorrow and there’s no use in giving people their flowers once they can’t smell them. I took for granted my relationships with my brothers holding on to the farce bit of love I thought I was getting from people I use to call sisters and a women I once looked at as a mother. I also noticed that in his time of need some of those who claim to love him didn’t show up .I got the news at 2:30am and I got to him in less than 10 mins. No excuses can be made. When you love someone you come. And not showing up for me is one thing , but don’t ever do that to my brother. Ever. He is someone I have never played about and still don’t .Seeing him the way he is , in pain , hurts me to my heart. But even more , it makes me yearn for the relationship we use to have . It was us two against the world and I lost sight of that at some point. But now I have time , God has granted me time to change that and I would be a fool if I didn’t use it . From this day on I promise to not spend another second trying to mend broken relationships all the while neglecting to build up the ones I have . My best friend use to say all the time that “Friends are the family you choose” and that you get make your own family ,I get that now. It’s not all about blood it’s about love . I’ve had blood family hurt me far more than any friend ever has . And then there’s my brother , same mother and father, and he loves me regardless . The fact that we are related through and through only adds to my love. Blood or not I’d choose him anyday. And I am forever blessed to have been given this time with him. God could have called him home , but he didn’t . He let him stay . And I won’t take that for granted . I choose the people who I want in my life and it always has been and always will be my brother . They say sometimes you have to leave home to find your family , and in a way I believe that to be true . But one thing that has never wavered is my love for my brother . He means more to me than I ever told him , and I won’t make the mistake of not doing so now. He will always be apart of the family I choose.



2 thoughts on “The Family You Choose

  1. Lyrics Williams

    Alot of people need to read this, Even more i know that when your brother reads this it will be like medicine to his soul!

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