First Things First

You’d be the first . . .
Before you, love was a distant empty wish
Like the memory of my first kiss , I just want to forget about it
But I never seem to be able to
And while I have tried , I just can’t seem to shake you
Quite frankly I’m getting tired of trying
Tired of lying to myself like I don’t deserve the truth
I keep telling myself I don’t deserve you
But truth is you’d be lucky to have me
I’m afraid that maybe you’re the only way I’ll ever be happy
You are a walking breathing muse for me
And when you speak it sounds like music to me
If I had to choose between you and poetry my choice would be simple
Because at night when I dream you’re the only thing I wish for
The only thing that makes sense
When I speak of you I hate that I have to do so in past tense
I’d love to have you here feel your breath on my neck
As you breathe I want you to fall deeper into me
Discover places I never allowed anyone else to see
I want you to have all of me
And for you to understand just what that means for me
Because I’ve never let anyone close enough to hurt me
Except for you
My entire life changed the day I met you
But you’re the best thing to happen to me yet
So I won’t complain
To say the least , after our eyes met
Nothing was ever the same again



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