His Love

This is a special piece I wrote for a VERY special soul. I aspire to one day love in this capacity; so selflessly. Agape.

All too often I forget the beauty in your hellos the bittersweet taste of your goodbyes

Most days I wish that I could see myself through your eyes

See me, how you see me

And then maybe one day I can possibly understand and comprehend

How you could love me

Disregarding how flawed I am

I’m a better person or atleast when I’m with you, I am

You bring out the best in me and sadly sometimes the worst

I live in constant fear of being put last to those who I put first.

Like you

I think it’s just that

I need you to need me like I need you

And I know that’s selfish, but I just can’t bear to share you

I’ve spent my entire life praying for someone like you

And the last thing I want to do is scare you away

By seeming clingy or dependent, but honestly, for me, you are a good day

You are home

So naturally, being with you is always something I want to do

I tend to grow jealous of things that keep me from you, or you from me

Regardless of intention

I’d gladly become a dream just to stay with you in sleep

If I had any say in that dimension

If you’re the midnight sky

I’d be honored to shine as your North Star

A beacon of light; always guiding you home, back my way

And in the morning I want to be the sun rays

That grace your face, as you lie in bed alone

I want to be your morning tea, get your day started right

And I want to be the last thought that enters your mind at night

I want to be the reason you believe in love again, your chance at a new beginning

I want to be the well of love that you drink from may it never run dry; be it never ending

But most of all I want you to know, that if I could never be any of the above

I cherish the title I have now, and I hold you in my heart, with love

I appreciate the simple moments that flash by so quickly

But leave footprints on my soul

Like the warmth of your arms around me, sheltering me from the cold

I could kiss you all day, and I’d never grow tired

I leave your presence feeling beautiful, happy, inspired

Content with where I am

Because I’m woman who doesn’t need much, I don’t need the world

I’m just as happy to share this slice of it, with you, as your girl



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