“Just Talk. Ill Listen” Club?

So I am in the process of forming a women’s book club/ empowerment group as an extension of this blog. I see so much bigger for “Just Talk, Ill Listen” and I feel like people can really use a listening ear these days. And as much as I love the men of the world , I am really all about seeing us women come together and support and encourage one another in this journey of life. I have a few girlfriends who have already expressed interest and I am hoping to gather more ladies from outside my inner circle. Thinking of having an application process as to keep those out who are not committed to the club’s mission statement of support and encouragement. I also want to find a way to open up a online forum for those who aren’t able to attend the meetings physically. I have a close friend who is wheelchair bound and might not be able to attend the meetings if held in my apartment building due to the fact that it is not wheelchair accessible. Looking into housing the meeting elsewhere for that very reason , but we will have to see. Still in the beginning phases , but I am excited for what is to come ! I will definitely keep you all updated 🙂


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