Lover Turned Fighter

I still think about you , now and then , just long enough to wonder if you’re happy . . . Without me
How you’re doing , what you’ve been up to. And sometimes I even try to call you, I just ain’t got the guts to. Because I convince myself that if you wanted to talk you’d call. So most days I wait and I stall debate and usually decide not to. And as much as I still you love I’m letting you go , I got to. If I had any sense I would have been done so . But I fell in love with you, so I guess I never really had any to start . I don’t know why I’m writing you , just the same you still have my heart. I don’t know what I want you to do with that . I just had to let it out , I had to say it. I guess deep down I’m still hoping its all a bad joke and one day it’ll be funny. .but I shouldn’t be the only one still holding on , while you keep running . At some point we gotta break even. You broke my heart the day you told me you were leaving. I’ll never get use to being broken . Yet I’m writing you anyway opening old wounds. I love love , but I’ll never get use to the fall. Here’s to hoping, that love still conquerors all .


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