That’s Real.

I find solace in the warmth of your embrace
I didn’t know love existed until my eyes laid upon your face
Your touch has healing properties
And your voice is my kryptonite if used properly
You are home to me
I smile when I think about how blessed I am
You love me despite my flaws, no matter how much of a mess I am
God. How did I get so lucky?
Somedays I look in the mirror and wonder how you could love me
And your answer is always the same
You see beauty in me even when I can’t
You call my heartbeat by name and it listens
You are the piece to a puzzle I didn’t realize was missing
Your eyes house honesty , windows to your soul
I use to try to pretend that you meant nothing to me
Truth is , you had me at hello
And I’ll never let you go , so don’t ask me to
I’d give my life so you could live , if you asked me to
If this isn’t love , it comes damn close
I’ve loved few in my lifetime
But I love you most.
And that’s real.


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