For Now

They say you’ll hurt me
I take one look at you
And I can’t help but to agree
You see I’ve always been somewhat masochistic
But I see right through you
You don’t fool me
All signs say I should leave
It’s always something that hinders me
You whisper my name like you created it and it renders me speechless
But all your lies and sweet nothings
You can keep em’
I’m not stupid enough to think that You’re “the one”
Lucky for you I’m not looking for him , so you’ll do
On a good day, I wouldn’t chose you
But when you have an itch
You rarely give a damn who scratches it
And I know in some sick way you think you love me
But you have to know
I’d be foolish to think it’s just me
That your spitting this line to
I know your type , I know the ending all too well
I’ve been burnt before, the fire hurts like hell
I have to catch myself , sometimes I tend to drift toward the familiar
I inadvertently attract destroyers instead of healers
Your kind of love is what I’m use
And apparently, in some sad way , what I think I deserve
I’m immune to the bullshit , there isn’t anything I haven’t heard
You say I’m beautiful
But never seen a scar or a flaw
I’ve never let you see that part of me , I don’t trust you
It is purely lust between us two
But it’s better than nothing
Better than waiting
I know , it’s sad ; I’m working on it
They say you’ll hurt me
I’m betting on it.


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