Everyone Needs Someone

There’s only so much advice you can give someone ; at some point they need to step in and help themselves. You can’t make someone leave an abusive relationship or take a chance on love again after being hurt. As good as your intentions might be its up to that person to decide to either follow your advice or not to. Either way they are entitled to their choice. “If you’re happy , I’m happy” is my policy. As a friend it is your job to just continue to be supportive (of the person not necessarily the situation) and be that beacon of light that guides them back in when they go too far. As sarcastic and stoic as I can be I could never say “I told you so” , I just don’t have it in me. I’m the friend who will always tell you what you need to hear and very rarely what you want to . I’m not afraid to hurt your feelings. Because sometimes there’s so much clouding ones judgement , that a little tough love is more than necessary. I don’t mind being a broken record for those I truly love. Because I figure if they here it over and over, one day they just might just listen. I live for that day.


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