Dealbreakers: Yes or No?

In this post I want to discuss a topic that has been brought up alot , while unintentional, in my circle of friends . Deal breakers. My friends will be the first to tell you that I have pretty high standards and expectations. While it hasn’t brought me an exceptional love life it has also sheltered me from entering a crappy one. So for now I won’t complain . I guess my question is , is it okay to have dealbreakers? If you do , should/can they be conditional or should they be strict regardless of who the person is? You see I have several guy friends who see having a bit of standards as picky. And I am a firm believer in allowing people the right to their own opinion . But is this a general census among the male population or are my friends just jerks. Haha it’s okay to chose the latter. While I don’t think you should have a 2 page list of things to check off in a potential significant other I also don’t think you should just settle for the first guy that shows you a little attention. I have 3 deal breakers that are for me non-negotiable no matter who it is . My partner must have (or want) a relationship with God. He must want to get married and he must want kids (preferably 3-4 girls ; twins but that’s neither here not there ) . These are things I’m just not willing to give up or sacrifice just to change my relationship status . And honestly I don’t think that makes me a bad person. I feel like there is someone for everyone and my guy will get it. Is that just wishful thinking ? I really hope not. What do you guys think? What are your deal breakers ?


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