Simply Single [ & Waiting] 30 Day Challenege

Here I am again, playing catch up! Bare with me guys 🙂

Day 19 : What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

I think what catches most people off guard about me is that I am 22 and still a virgin. And they appear to be even more shocked when I say the reason I am waiting is for marriage. I admit it’s a bit old-fashioned , but I would haven’t it any other way. To each its own , and this is what I know is best for me. The way I see it is mind over matter ; those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Day 20: Describe your most difficult break-up and what you learned from it.

Well seeing as though I’ve never been in a relationship that will be kind of impossible. Instead I’ll tell you about my first real glimpse of temptation.

There was this guy who I met through a mutual friend. Everything about how I met him was just wrong, but I ignored all the signs because I was at the point where I needed to be needed; didn’t matter by who. So we started texting each other and one thing lead to another and normally I would never have even talked to him , but I was at a low point. He fed me lies and ate them. I’d never gotten to the point with anyone where I felt like , I didn’t want to wait anymore. He wasn’t worth a second glance , but because I grew weary I couldn’t take my eyes off him. In the end I came to my senses before I lost anything precious except my first kiss experience. For some a kiss is just a kiss, but not to me. Through this I learned or rather reaffirmed that True Love Waits  so if he wont, then it isn’t love. I even got a tattoo , as a reminder. So the next time I decided to take my top off Ill see it and remember and if he’s not my husband it’s going right back on. We all get tempted. Doesn’t mean we need to indulge in it.

Day 21: How would you pitch a reality show about yourself, to what network?

As much as I love acting and TV, I am not to fancied on the idea of having my own show. My life is way too boring! Lol sorry to cop out , but I’m going to pass on this one!

(Today) Day 22: What fictional character in a tv show, or book do you most identify with and why?

Hands down it would be Joan played by Tracee Ellis Ross in the TV show Girlfriends!

I only take calculated risks if any at all. My love life sucks, if you could even say I have one! I am ALWAYS the one giving encouragement or advice, but can’t seem to use my own. I have/had a best-friend who is more like a leech than a friend, but I love her more than anything and would rather harm myself by staying friends than to face losing her by cutting her off. But I am also smart, beautiful and strong just like there is an upside, i guess.. Most of all I give myself too freely and love with all my heart, so in the end..I ALWAYS end up hurt…



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