Simply Single [ & Waiting ] 30 Day Challenge

Day 16: If you planted a time capsule right now of your life to be opened in 20 years, what would be in it?

Great question! Let me see . . . definitely poems so I could see and remember what I was thinking and feeling during this period of time. Something from my boutique, a picture of me and my mom, pictures of places I’ve been , people I love. I don’t know what else . . . my life isn’t too interesting right now. But whatever would go in there would definitely  be sentimental. If I could ever bare to part with either of the necklaces my mom gave me , they’d go in there as well. I pray I’m wrong , but I don’t think i’ll have 20 more years with her and as much as that scares me it forces me to appreciate her while she is here and make memories that will last longer than any time capsule. Too bad you can’t bottle a mother’s love.

Day 17: What are your spiritual beliefs and how do they effect your relationships/ relationship status?

Well if you go by man’s definition in the simplest terms , I am a christian. But more importantly my relationship with Christ is what I cherish. Religion is manmade, my relationship is not something that can be defined or limited. Loving God only helps me love myself and loving myself helps me to chose to have people in my life and around who love and support me the way He does. I am single by choice, but I know that my husband will also need to love  God and have a relationship with Him. It’s not for me to decide how that will be , but there needs to be one. However I don’t judge or turn away people who don’t have the same love for God, I think of it as a way to spread mine. Love is love and thats why I love Him. I’m working on loving people regardless of fault or hurt , because that’s how He loves. I am a better person with God in my life.



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