Same Ole Sad Story

I wish I could pull on the strength and love of those who are in my life and actually want to be there. But I can’t help but to think of all those who aren’t and don’t want to be . . .  and it hurts. These are the very people who I thought would never leave me. Bestfriends, family . Here I am opening my heart to yet again be proven that I am not enough. Enough to sustain their love. Enough to deserve their presence and time. Just not enough . And I know that by saying this I make those who do love me feel the same way, and I am sorry. That is not my intention. You are enough. You keep me sane. But abandonment is a hard pill to swallow. Love me anyway. Or promise me you’ll try. That’s all I ask. Just don’t pretend. That’s what they did.


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