What About Your Friends?

What About Your Friends?

You know what’s sad, and quite frankly happens all too often, is women find their man and leave their girls in the dust. We get it, you are in love and of course you’ll now be spending more alone time with him & we respect that. Hell ( if we’re good friends) we are the ones who are the happiest for you. There is nothing we like to see more than our friends happy. But where’s the balance? Some women go real Ike & Tina cutting off everyone to be with their boyfriend/significant other and while that might be great for them it leaves their friends feeling like they are in the dark and no longer important. You had your friends before him and most likely they will be there long after him. If he’s really that important why not all go out sometimes, make them feel like they are a part of your life and now his as well. And it’s hard to tell your friends how you feel ( especially if you’re the single friend) because they are quick to call you jealous (happened before) or say you would”t understand. You grow , priorities change, people change and we start new lives with other people. There is nothing wrong with that, but just as you make time for everything and everyone else , your friends shouldn’t be an exception. I speak from experience because it’s happened so much that I’ve lost count. And normally as soon as there is a riff or a fall-out in that relationship they are back to being “bestfriends” with you. And I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way, at least not for me. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love, but you shouldn’t lose your identity because you are in a relationship. Or become so one-track minded that you make one person your entire world and forget that there are other people in it. But then again, the way I see it, if its important to you ;you’ll make time for it. I don’t know about ya’ll but boyfriend/husband or not , I still need my girls! What do you guys think ? Ever had a similar experience?



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