Seeking Release..

I thought by finally writing the poem and speaking it aloud that I would somehow be able to release the hurt and the power this particular situation holds on me. But what I realized is that what I really needed was for someone to come to me and finally ask me if I was okay. To see that something finally broke me and care enough to help me figure out where to pick up the pieces. But no one has. I was alone then and when it comes to this particular chapter of my life , I’m alone now. I don’t think anyone thought I would take it as hard as I did , but then again, no one ever cared to ask. The closest thing I got to the release I needed was a close friend of mine coming up and embracing me after she heard the poem. She said ” I don’t know who he is, but I don’t care.” And she hugged me and wouldn’t let go. And normally I hate hugs , but I really needed that. More than I think she’ll ever know. Everyone always leaves me be, figures I’m strong that I’ll get through it or over it and she broke right through that not giving a damn how I would feel about it. That’s a friend.


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