“The Little Girl”

This is for the little girl who never thought she was pretty

Never felt like she was enough

The little girl who alway too weak

So pretended to be tough

The little girl who pushed away

Rarely ever embraced

Because when she let somebody in

It was hard for them to be replaced

But they’d leave, they always did

This is for little girl, who knew little what it was like to be a kid

For the little girl , who wanted nothing more than to be loved

The little girl, who wanted to smile just because

The little girl who never quite grew up, but in so many ways lost her youth

The little girl who let emotions and anger blind her from the truth

The little girl who was always thought of last, never felt that she belonged

The little girl scared but still trying to find that balance trying to find home

This I dedicate to the little girl who knows what its like to choke on her tears

But to appear to others as the girl who knows not fear

The little girl who knows the stench of abandonment

But forgives with all her might

I pray that little girl forgives me because she,

She dies tonight.



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