Simple Single [ & Waiting ] 30 Day Challenge

Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”


At first glance , my first response is to yell “Absolutely NOT!” , but since I am writing it gives me time to reread, rethink & finally agree. While I don’t want a non-existent love life it is my choices that have led me to this reality. My choice to choose my happiness over a sham of a relationship. My choice to wait for a man who not only desires , but values me. My choice to not settle for anyone less than the King that God will send me. So in essence, what happens or does not happen in my love life  are all depending on my choices. So while I don’t have the love life I want [yet] , I also don’t have the one that I don’t want . So in terms of long-term, that’s better for me. He’s out there. I just know it.



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