Simply Single [ & Waiting ] 30 Day Challenge

Day 3: Describe a moment or a day where being single was really awesome

Again, I can’t really pinpoint an exact day being as though I’ve been single my entire life, but I can describe a moment. It’s normally when me and my girls are trying to plan to go out and realize they have to ask/or check in with their significant others to make sure it’ll be okay that they go out. Or if they do go out , they are checking in ever so often. That’s always been weird to me really, but I digress. I mean of course when I do get in a relationship I will respect the wishes of my boyfriend/husband however , I’ve never been one to be told what I can or cannot do or where I can or can not go & that will NOT change when I enter a relationship. To each its own though. But yeah I always feel super cool that I don’t have anyone to “ask” if I can go somewhere [as if?!] and no one to check in with. I’m sipping a long island with no worries & no reason to pull out my phone. Awesome.



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